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Marvin Conley, D2CCA Second Team All-American, National Champion?

562 days ago I don't think anyone believed that the University of West Florida football team would be competing for a National Championship and have multiple All-Americans on the roster. Yesterday, the Argos finished there final practice of the season before heading to Kansas City to face Texas A&M - Commerce in the Division 2 National Championship. Marvin Conley is a Cornerback for the Argos and he's been a starter for the last two years for the Argos. On the season Conley has 100 total tackles, 1 sack, 4 interceptions and 2 touchdowns. Conley has many teams across the country afraid to throw his side as his been dominant all season. This weekend it will be interesting to see if the D2CCA Second Team All-American will be tested in which he believes he will.

"A&M is going to do their game plan no matter what I think. It seems like their QB believes in his WRs and they have pretty good athletes. I'm looking forward to the competition." Says Conley

Conley is the brother to Antoine Griffin who I covered a few weeks ago and they share a vary similar story. They both have played High School football together at Coco Beach (FL) and they also played one season at Valley City State University. This Saturday will easily be the biggest game of there football careers as they suit up for the National Championship.

"This is definitely the biggest game, it's the National Championship, you have to embrace it and get better from the previous week. This is the biggest game of my life." Say's Conley

The Argos have a very interesting path at this point for just this season alone. During the regular season the Argos went 7-3 (5-3 in the GSC) and they also lost a game during Hurricane Irma. During this playoff dominance the Argos are 4-0 and they have won all of the games on the road.

"Traveling is actually fun man, I love traveling with my brothers and taking over someone else's field. It's amazing." Say's Conley.

4 months ago, the Argos got better and better from each game. They lost 3 conference games but they also beat multiple teams twice away from the Blue Wahoo stadium. I am expecting a new and improved team on Saturday that no one expected to even be a program, let alone a potential National Champion.

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