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The University of West Florida is currently setting history for at the national level by being the fastest University to advance to the NCAA Division II playoffs. The Argos jumped into the record books fast and there fastest player on the team may just be junior wide receiver Antoine Griffin.

Griffin is from Tampa, Fla and his college career began at Valley City State University (NAIA). While at Valley City he had career highlights with 15 receptions vs Dickinson State and he also hauled in a 86 yard reception in that game. He brought his speed, skill and quickness with him to Pensacola three years ago and he's been tearing up the GSC ever since.

"It mean't everything for me to be here in Pensacola playing for UWF. It was the best decision I've made. All the opportunity that presented itself while being here is amazing and it's something you don't take for granted." Say's Griffin.

As a wide receiver at any level, you have to have a valuable relationship with the quarterback. Last season Griffin and former Argo QB Kaleb Nobles connected for 560 yards, 7 touchdowns and multiple 100 yard games. This season Griffin has been catching passes from red-shirt freshman Mike Beaudry. The duo has connected for 649 yards and 3 scores.

" Mike and I have been good for obviously a few years now. The year we red-shirted him and I came up to Pensacola earlier that summer and worked out together in the weight room and on the field. His work ethic is one I would compare to mine. He's always tries to find a way to better and I appreciate him a'lot." Says Griffin.

The University of West Florida wide receiving core may just be the best in the GSC conference and in the nation. They have tremendous balance from size, speed, agility and youth. They have four wide receivers over 300 yards receiving, and three with four or more receiving touchdowns. The expectations for them this weekend is to get the ball out of the sky when it's thrown there way and to score, score and score.

"I expect the same thing out of the WR's just like every week, I expect us to execute. We, in my opinion, are the best in the nation and I continue to stand by that statement. We can do whatever we want to whomever we want. It's just a matter of us trusting the coaches and following through the process." Says Griffin.

I asked Griffin to express his journey to the University of West Florida and now helping lead the team to the NCAA Division II playoffs and he answered that question with one word: Blessing.

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